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You know how the other week, I said it had been a disappointing growing year? Well, this is a case in point. This potato was the funniest shaped vegetable we grew this year. How disappointing is that, huh? Sure, he’s got a face but that’s not comedy testicles, is it?

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So the summer growing season is just about over here. We’ve still got some chillis growing and ripening, and there is some winter-time veg still on the go, but the summer is just about done. As our first summer in our new house, I always said it was going to be a year of experimentation [...]

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A weekend away (on a great cheesemaking short course) means I’m behind on the garden again, sigh… As well as trying to give encouragement to the bit behind the curve summer veg in the greenhouse, I’m trying to clear space for the winter/spring veg too. I know I should be grateful that most of the [...]

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As we only moved into our house last autumn, our first growing season has been one of experimentation – see what grows here, what doesn’t, and what else we have to contend with. Here’s some of the lessons I’ve learned so far: Butternut squashes take longer to germinate that most other things. I planted six [...]

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