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We made another shelter for the chickens yesterday. My mum calls them “smoking shelters” and I guess the principle is the same – although if I find out our little girls are smoking in there*, there will be hell to pay ;) My original idea of duplicating the first shelter just using bigger pallets didn’t [...]

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It’s super foggy here this morning so I need some ace inspiration to get going – and I thought you might need some too. Here are some of my favourite reads from the last few weeks… Ana White makes things that always excite me – demystifying woodwork and creating fab bits of furniture cheaply and [...]

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The remaining three of our new intake seem to be doing ok – and are already showing themselves to be funny little chicks. Add your own captions/voiceovers for these pics ;) When I went down first thing, they were running around outside and when I went back after lunch, they were trying out the coop [...]

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From an IM chat with my friend Katherine… New Cluck Debenhens Clucci Henley’s Hennes (old school name for H&M) Cropshop John Flewis Marks and Hencers And for their underwear: Bwarkissimo (for big breasted birds) La Henza (I’m sorry.) (Mrs Mauve can’t even look at me any more.)

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As I mentioned on Twitter earlier, we had our first* chicken death here on Saturday night/Sunday morning. It was the little Black Minorca, who we only brought home on Friday. Sigh. When I went down to see them on Saturday, she was hiding under the little shelter I’d built and wasn’t interested in coming out [...]

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After thinking about it then not getting around to it for a good while, we finally got around to expanding our chicken tribe yesterday. We knew we wanted some more variety but didn’t know what – we went to see the wonderful Edward Boothman up near Silsden again, and he showed us all the options [...]

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